Flower Shows

March 17-18, 2023 at Clermont Garden Club – a Flower Show – Emerald Magick!

Welcome to Emerald Magick, where you will step into a magical world of plants and flowers.  Be prepared to be entranced by a unique flower show featuring horticulture, floral design, botanical arts and crafts, and educational exhibits.  As you tour the show you will be amazed by the beauty and creativity of the entries.  I am so proud of the members of our club for their hard work and imagination in preparing these entries.  The flower show committee has worked tirelessly for several months to plan the event and engage judges for each division represented. I hope you enjoy the experience.  Perhaps it will create a magical spark within you to join our wonderful club!

CGC President, Cindy Simon

Welcome to Emerald Magick and all the mystique, glamour and enchantment of that Celtic Island!  A tip of the hat to our members who have shared their horticulture, designed for Enchanted Flowers and Diverse Illusions and provided their Dazzling Insights through their own photography.  And many thanks to all who have given their time and energy to produce this show, the Flower Show Judges and Photographers who graciously accepted the invitation to judge, and the community at large which, by its presence, encourages our aspirations.  We hope you have a wonderful sojourn here!

Alice Barrows and Arlene Rand, Co-Chairmen

Attached is the Schedule for the flower show – everything you need to know about how to enter each class, and the criteria by which an entry may be judged.

Please note: this is version 7, and was updated on 3-4-2023 with corrected award information.

Schedule Final v7 3-04-23

Attached below is the entry form for horticulture entries.  The form should be accessed to your computer, and saved as a file.  Then complete the steps on the form to get it to the Horticulture chair, Pat Richardson.

Hort Entries 2022 fillable form