Clermont Garden Club Member Recognition

Clermont Garden Club members recognized five special members at the Club’s End of the Year Luncheon,  Wednesday,  May 18, 2022.  Helen Ribbe and Sue Randall received Outstanding Member.   Debra Smidt received Honorary Member.   Marilyn Paone and Pat Richardson received FFGC Life Member.  Arlene Rand was Mistress of Ceremony. Clermont Garden Club President, Cindy Simon pinned the  honorees.

Helen Ribbe was recognized as Outstanding Member and received her pin from CGC President,  Cindy Simon.

CGC President, Cindy Simon pinned Sue Randall who was  recognized as Outstanding Member.

Cindy Simon,  CGC President pinned Debra Smidt with her Honorary Member pin.

Marilyn Paone received her FFGC Life Member pin from CGC President,  Cindy Simon.

Pat Richardson received her FFGC Life Member pin from CGC President,  Cindy Simon.

Pictured, from left to right. are Arlene Rand,  Pat Richardson,  Marilyn Paone,  Debra Smidt,  Helen Ribbe,  Sue Randall,  and Cindy Simon.

Pictures of the Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the recipients.

Clermont Garden Club members meet every third Wednesday of the month (September through May) except for scheduled field trips, Holiday Luncheon,  and End of the Year Luncheon. Meetings begin at 10am.

New members and guests are warmly welcome.  Clermont Garden Club is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.