Orchids, Orchids Everywhere



Clermont Garden Club members had an opportunity to stroll through Smiley Orchids on February 22, 2018, as owner, Smiley Promsurin personally described the endless sea of orchids.


Smiley Promsurin shared that her dream of growing orchids started when she was 6 years old in Thailand.   Smily’s greenhouses are filled with lots of orchids,  all colors, and all kinds.  Smiley’s nursery has about 100,000 stunning plants under 22,000 sq. Ft.


Most of Smiley’s orchids are for sale.  However,  her personal collection,  marked by colored ribbons, are not for sale.  It was interesting to see the thousands of Vandaceous growing without baskets.  Smiley explained, first, it’s cheaper to buy wire than a basket.  Second,  it saves space.  Third, the plants stay cleaner since no insects, spiders, roaches, or snakes can make homes in the wire.  Smiley has some jumbo vandals that are 20 years old.

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Great Field Trip Experience

20180105_112434Clermont Garden Club members had an opportunity to have a guided tour of Russell’s Bromeliads Nursery in Clermont Friday, January 5, 2018.


Russell’s Bromeliads got its start over 30 years ago.   Russell’s Bromeliads is a wholesale grower, importer, exporter, and distributor of Tilliandsias  (air plants ) of the Bromeliad family.   They grow many air plants from reproductive off-sets and seed germination.   Russell’s Bromeliads is one of the biggest Tilliandsia Nurseries in the country with 200 varieties and thousands of plants in their 3 humongous green houses.


As we strolled through the greenhouses with Tilliandsia experts, Bill and owner, Mike Salvi,  they explained and demonstrated how to propagate and care for air plants.   The staff was very friendly and eager to show us how to locate the babies on the mother plant and carefully remove the babies from the mother to start new plants.


Russell’s Bromeliads also sells hand made Tilliandsia creations and materials to create your own design.


What a great time learning about the many varieties of Tilliandsias.


Carol and Ruth20180105_112338Russell's 1 Russell's 9


Master Flower Show Judge Speaker

Clermont Garden Club is happy to have Margaret Kirkpatrick, Master Flower Show Judge,   as our guest speaker on Wednesday,  January 17, 2018.  Margaret has served as Chairperson for EPCOT International Flower Festival.   Margaret will share her expertise in design by giving a mini workshop on how to create A Creative Line Design, A Petite Creative Line Design, and A Cascade Design.

Clermont Garden Club meets every third Wednesday of the month at the clubhouse, 849 West Avenue, Clermont,  Fl 34711 at 10:00 A.M.   New members and visitors are warmly welcomed.

2nd Annual Clermont Garden Club Appraisal Fair

Clermont Garden will hold its 2nd Annual Valuables and Collectibles Fair Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.   There will be certified appraisers on hand to offer verbal appraisals.  Each item appraised is $5.00 and each individual may only have three items appraised.  No large items allowed.  The Fair will be held at Clermont Garden Club’s Clubhouse, 849 West Avenue, Clermont, Florida 34711.  The public is warmly welcomed.


A Many Splendored Thing

Clermont Garden Club



A Small  Standard Flower Show


Friday,  February 2, 2018, 1-3p.m.

Saturday, February 3, 2018, 10a.m.-2 p.m.

At The

Clermont Garden Club

849 West Avenue, Clermont, Florida 34711

Open to the Public,  Free of Charge

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Clermont Garden Club’s October Speaker

Clermont Garden Club is excited to have Adam Lavigne demonstrate the art of bonsai at our general meeting, October 18, 2017.

Mr. Lavigne is an artist in every sense of the word. He can paint draw, sculpt in wood, metal, etc., and do bonsai, the ultimate art. Mr Lavigne works on the smallest to the largest trees and specialize in carving work. In bonsai, Mr. Lavinge is interested in Yamadori and liberated trees, from garden centers. Mr. Lavinge has a growing collection of carving work at Wigert’s nursery on Pine Island. Mr. Lavinge feels that any specimen has potential for bonsai and he can pull a tree out of the meanest example.

In bonsai, Mr. Lavinge gives demonstrations. run workshops, and display his art. In his backyard, is a growing nursery where Mr. Lavinge is raising trees from seedlings all the way up to very large trunked specimens.

In addition to all of Mr. Lavinge’s artistic abilities, he can play guitar and is a cunning linguist.

You don’t want to miss this fascinating program. Bring a friend.

The meeting is at Clermont Garden Club’s clubhouse, 849 West Avenue, Clermont, Florida. Meeting starts at 10:00 A.M.


bonsai pic 2

Thanks 2017 Garden Walk Sponsors

Clermont Garden Club member, Sue Randall, shows off one of the lovely baskets that included sponsor gifts at the recent Clermont Garden Walk. Sponsors of the Garden Walk include: Advance Tech – Pest Management, Avalar Real Estate Services, Arby’s of Clermont, A Touch of Class Hair Salon, Becker Funeral Home, Bob Evans Restaurant of Clermont, Brewer and Sons Funeral Home, Charlie Russ, Choice Collections Consignments, Clermont Florist, Colourz for Hair & Nails, Crystal Clear Pools, Culver’s of Clermont, Encore Home Décor, Fields Equipment Co.- John Deere, Finders Keepers, Great Clips- Citrus Tower Village, Green Isle Gardens – Florida Native Plant Nursery, Hen’s Nest, Hilltop Ace Hardware, Hot Headz Salon, Indian Hills Produce, Inc. , IHop of Clermont, Kim E’s Flowers, Lyn’s Ice Cream & Deli Sandwich Shoppe, Magic Moments Learning Center, Mary Rees Originals, Matlack Tree Farm, Mets and Bounds Title Company, N.Y.P.D. Pizza of Winter Garden, Pittman Jewelers, Ritter’s Frozen Custard, South Lake Lawn Care, The Broom Tree, The Eclectic Market, The Village Goldsmith, Universal Studios of Orlando, Wendy Land – Custom Handmade Jewelry, Flying Scissors of Clermont, and Red Wing Restaurant of Groveland. The members of the Clermont Garden Club wish to thank these sponsors for helping to make this year’s Garden Walk a huge success!


May Flower for the Library

Elaine Hogan, a member of the Clermont Garden Club has donated an African Violet to the Cooper Memorial Library. Here are some ideas for taking care of your African Violet. Light: Moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light. Watering: Keep soil moist to dry, and allow soil around roots to dry out before watering to encourage blooming. Water from the bottom with room temperature water by placing the plastic grower’s pot in water, and allowing the plant to absorb the water (not more than 30 minutes). Avoid getting water on the leaves as this can cause spotting damage. Tips: Pinch off spent blossoms and blossom stems to encourage development of new blooms. Place plants away from floor vents, fans, or entrance doors to avoid air drafts and bursts of cold air.